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Bees have neither ego nor ulterior motives

Being a bee keeper I have watched thousands of bees needing to work together in order to survive.
Survival is a pretty good incentive to work together -- and in order for Bream Bay to prosper we must work together.
Bees have neither ego nor ulterior motives, instead, they are totally focused on obtaining the goals for the betterment of the entire colony, not just specific individuals.

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Seal Our Roads!

Sealing roads in Bream Bay should be a priority and is essential for:

SafetyReducing dustLess costs long term for ratepayers via rates and their vehicle expenditure.Less costs for the Whangarei District Council long term
In addition to that I would want to lobby to central government to make State Highway One at least 2 lanes (Each direction) all the way to Whangarei with median barriers.
This will reduce collisionsvehicles that travel slowly such as trucks, buses and motor-homes will be more comfortable Safe passing  Reduce wear and tear on ratepayers vehiclesBe ready for port expansion if/when it happensBe prepared for a growing district and attract investment

CBD Businesses

If Bream Bay elects me I want to ensure that business can excel throughout our district.
I want to also help the Whangarei CBD meet its potential which I believe is not happening.

I have other ideas for the CBD such as turning vacant lots into central living apartments. This is a place in our district where we can build up and house more residents, students, tourists. People in the CBD will bring life back into it.

Presently our Councils, take approximately $3m from our CBD (Properties included within Walton Street, Bank Street and Dent Street) on rates.  Our business owners get very little support from Council for that money, with less than 800 carpark where Okara (a private development) has over 3,000 for the same size area, the CBD has no free rubbish collection and streets that are not kept clean.  It is no wonder that our CBD is struggling.

The CBD is a community space, a business centre, an employment hub and so much more. Why is the Council milking it dry

As a company …

Whangarei CBD Parking

Whangarei CBD Parking does affect us in Bream Bay as many of us go to "town" every now and again for sports, restaurants, activities, shopping.

Despite what some may say, the Whangarei District Council has in fact been slowly reducing the number of carparks within the CBD.  The new green space which I believe is needed next to the new Hunterwasser, is removing approximately another 120 carparks, and the Council planners are planning that we have less carparking on them for the future of Whangarei.

I do believe in shared spaces in a CBD for walkers, cyclists, buses and cars however Whangarei's population is quite small at the moment and is a city that services many rural towns who travel via car.

There is a dire need of affordable parking, or even “free parking” for Whangarei right now.  As most people walk no more than 300m from their vehicles when going shopping, even in large complexes like “Westfields” carparking is setup so that people can see the shop they wan…

My Speech at Whangarei Youth Space

My Speech at Whangarei Youth Space

Hatea Loop & Cycle Tourism

I really enjoy using the Hatea Loop - this has been a great investment by the council.
Attracts people from around Northland to shop in town as well as enjoy a walk, jog or bike ride around our beautiful harbor.
People from all demographics use this all year round including tourists.

There are in addition several mountain bike parks and trails close to the city centre.

Bream Bay, specifically Waipu had the community come together and create a track from town towards Waipu Cove - This track is going to move forward in the near future and actually end up ending at Waipu Cove. I would ensure this project happened 100%

Cycle touring is a big earner overseas and promotes health and the environment.
The reasonably flat land and scenery in the Whangarei District could rival anywhere in NZ in terms of cycle tourism.


Reducing your household waste is not only better for the environment but will reduce the amount you pay for rubbish disposal. HOWEVER I want serious changes:

Larger recycling bins are necessary; preferably with a lid so light winds don't distribute the recyclables throughout the urban and natural environment.Rubbish bins at Waipu Cove and wherever else is a problem hot spot.Council needs to rethink its plastic refuse bags - (Hardly a climate emergency...?) Research and offer other items that can be picked up to be recycled - many plastics don't meet the criteria.Reduce complex recycling "rules" so people don't give up on the idea.Free entry to rural local tips/transfer stations for a certain amount of trash and or recyclables including garden waste.This will prevent fly-tipping, hoarding and dumping obsolete goods outside charity shops

Civic Centre

Are you happy that the Council's new civic centre has been contracted to an outside contractor? Because I am certainly not happy!
Whangarei is growing and does need a new civic building in a new location. It would cost about $28 Million to sort out the current facilities which can be repurposed.
However being a large sum of money ($37 Million+) surely Whangarei rate paying businesses who employ ratepayers should be able to put in tenders.
The current council has contracted an outside contractor.

Poor Unsealed Road Maintenance

Routine maintenance of unsealed roads shouldn't look like this:

Potholes, rutting and corrugation in the surface clearly means these roads have "failed"
Drainage improvements and strengthening should be pretty standard practice on these types of roads and maintenance should occur more efficiently and more often.

Its as though elected council are clearly owned and managed by the executives in the council who are actually employees. Patch ups are only supposed to be temporary solutions for a couple of days, not months.

Please consider the next elected members of the Whangarei District council who may have conflicts of interest ("contracting mates") doing work on behalf of the council.

Somebody is getting rich, not just Tyre shops!

Central Govt - Conflict of Interest - Happens in Councils also!

Speaker to look into conflict of interest in law submissions (Click Here) Check this out - of course this is by no means an isolated incident.
These networks exist throughout our democracy.
Please give it a thought when considering our next sitting councilors representing you and the Whangarei District

< Vote Iain Robertson, here for Bream Bay and the Whangarei Districts Ratepayers >

Things that I don't stand for:

- Ludicrous proposals
- False narratives & misinformation
- Throwing all resources at only a few issues to attract votes
- Financial mismanagement
- "Back room" "deals" 
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